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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

At the beginning of each quarter I will be posting 6 components of the index from the last quarter along with their performance. Current quarter picks (Apr-Jun) were CLF DD KIM MU NKE XL. Their performance will be posted in Jul.
I will post also one stock (out of 6) selected by my program for the new upcoming quarter.
I invite you to invest with Market Indexes - computer algorithms that do the stock selections based on mathematical models. They were developed personally by me.
One of my indexes called 'Bargain Hunting Index' looks for high quality US based stocks that are considered undervalued or temporarily unpopular and believed to trade higher next quarter. The model selects 6 stocks each quarter as it's components.

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If you have enough income to live on, saved some money and want to build wealth for yourself, your children and grandchildren my computer program and me will help you achieve your financial goals.